Understanding Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, and Obesity

As more individuals are turning to acupuncture as a solution to their weight struggles, it is important for providers to understand the complex nature of weight issues and disordered eating. Emotional overeating and binge eating is associated with difficulties in managing stress and emotions, and TCM/acupuncture can provide effective solutions. The problem of obesity involves a wide range of factors, and providers should be able to understand the struggles their patients have in losing weight and implementing healthy eating plans. In this course we will examine binge eating disorder in detail, as well as emotional overeating, and the association between emotional regulation and unhealthy eating behaviors.


Course Outline

Binge eating disorder diagnostic criteria

Causes and risk factors of binge eating disorder

The relationship between appetite and stress

Emotional dysregulation and eating behaviors

Hedonic and metabolic hunger

The brain’s reward circuit

Health problems related to obesity

Diseases that contribute to obesity

The clinical obesity maintenance model

Metabolic syndrome


Emotional regulation strategies

Negative thoughts patterns

Goal setting in weight loss

Stimulus control

Nutritional education

TCM diagnosis and treatment

Commonly used herbal formulas for weight loss

Prevention strategies