Get An Edge Over The Competition

Performer’s Edge helps young performers of all types develop focus, relaxation, and discipline to teach them to get into and stay in the zone. Children will learn a combination of acupressure techniques that will help to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and increase focus, and mindfulness exercises that will help to sharpen their skills on and off the stage.


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Private sessions take place at Hope Springs in Valley Village and booking times are subject to venue availability. If you have limited scheduling options, please contact us first before purchasing sessions. Online sessions are also available.

Hope Springs 
12135 ½ Riverside Drive 
Valley Village, CA 91607

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Classes will take place on a weekly basis in North Hollywood and will be 45 minutes long. Please sign up on our mailing list for updates on this upcoming class.

Class Price Structure

Save money when you buy 4 classes or more!